Personalised presents are a great way to add a funny or thoughtful twist on any gift, whether than means photos printed on a calendar or a book personalised to reflect a child’s name. Here are five great personalised gift ideas to wrap up and put under the tree this Christmas.

Personalised calendars

Whether you want to highlight some of your favourite moments as a family, or just think your partner would appreciate twelve different funny photos of your cat or dog, personalised calendars are gifts that will put a smile on the recipients face every month. This could be the family calendar that is pinned up in the kitchen, or a smaller easel desk calendar for the recipient’s office – whatever style you choose and wherever it’s used, it’s a great way to highlight 12 of your favourite photos and make the start of every month just a little bit better.

Personalised framed map

Maps show us where we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going, and certain places will always have a special place in our heart. So why not remind the recipient on their favourite place, whether that was the place they grew up in, the place they had their own family, or just a place they loved to visit with a personalised map print. Some firms recreate these maps out of foil for a glistening reminder on the wall, whilst other will find an antique map of the area and reprint that. However the maps is produced, making it personal will make it special and something beautiful to hang on the wall.

Personalised book of nursery rhymes or poems

There are a variety of books that can be personalised, bringing the recipient into the centre of the story, but for young children a personalised nursery rhyme book is perhaps the best present. The book will feature a mix of traditional nursery rhymes and brand new poems based on the child’s first name – ideal for a niece, nephew, or god child for their birthday, Christmas, or a Christening.

Personalised chopping board

If the recipient is a good cook and comfortable in the kitchen, then a personalised wooden chopping board can make a lovely gift and will remind them every day of a special date, quote, or similar which you can get engraved as they prepare their supper. Personalised chopping boards are a popular wedding present, engraved with the date of the wedding, but they can also be a great gift for Christmas or any occasion if you get the engraving right.

Personalised plectrums

If your partner, friend, or family member is a talented guitarist, or an aspiring one, then a personalised plectrum is a great way to show that you support them and their hobbies. And guitarists are forever losing their plectrums, so getting a few with their name or favourite song on them will both help them keep hold of the item and give them a few spares for when they do eventually misplace it.

Personalised socks

Socks get a bad rap as a present. We all need them, and nobody really wants to go and buy them, so they can be a perfect present for someone you don’t know what to buy for. However, if you do know them well, then personalised socks, with your face printed on them, are are fun and cheap stocking filler that will always go down well with any recipient.




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