Conservatives under fire for ‘strangling’ NHS


Tory cuts to the NHS have been condemned by a cross-party group that has called on the public to think of the health service when they cast their ballots later this month.

The People’s Assembly launched a nationwide billboard and online campaign this week in which they describe the prime minister as a “threat” to the National Health Service.

The group have plastered 40 billboards around the country with the provocative message, and have launched a crowd-funding campaign to expand the campaign before polling day.

Sam Fairbairn, National Secretary of the People’s Assembly, said

“Theresa May has made it blatantly clear her attitude to ordinary people in, what can only be described as, her manifesto of misery.”

Theresa May: I am a threat

People’s Assembly billboard poster

Alongside the billboard campaign, the group also launched a new video and #OurNHS social media campaign where NHS doctors and nurses call on the public to vote for “anyone but the Conservatives”.

In the video the group explain that the Tories are strangling the NHS, with the UK “experiencing the largest sustained drop in NHS funding is a percentage of GDP since the NHS was founded” and blame Conservative policies for the poor morale and failure to fill nurse vacancies.

The People’s Assembly is not affiliated to any single political party, but instead promote the idea investment instead of austerity.


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