A Brexit agreement has been reached between Boris Johnson and the EU, but it remains unclear whether the deal will find support in Westminster.

The deal was agreed in the hours before a meeting of European leaders in Brussels, but the text still requires the approval of the UK and European parliaments.

European leaders have long wanted an end to the Brexit process that maintains the stability and strength of the single market and protects the Irish economy, and are expected to welcome the agreement.

However, in Westminster the DUP has already implied they cannot approve the deal and the Johnson government does not have a majority does not have a majority with which it could force through legislation. Without DUP support it is also unclear whether the hard-line euro-sceptic ERG MPs will support the deal, as they have so far said anything other than no-deal fails to live up to the “promise” of Brexit.

Nonetheless, Johnson has called on MPs to back the deal, saying: “We’ve got a great new deal that takes back control — now Parliament should get Brexit done on Saturday.”

Whilst the majority of Labour supporters are against Brexit in any form, Labour sources say the party will whip for an amendment to Johnson’s deal to put the choice of the “Boris deal” against Remain in a “People’s Vote” referendum to let the country decide whether Johnson’s deal meets the expectations of those that voted Leave in 2016.


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