Tory MP Greg Knight’s Partridge-esque video is the best thing to come out of this election


In a depressing general election campaign that has been marred by two terror attacks, one man has come forward to shine some light in the darkness – Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire Greg Knight.

In a video posted to YouTube a couple of weeks ago, but currently going viral on the internet, the current Tory MP channels Alan Partridge as he urges constituents to vote for the “strong and stable” Conservatives over a “coalition of chaos” with the help of a shaky hand-held camera and a drab office.

The clip closes with a wondrous 80s-style pop tune, with the lyrics:

You’ll get accountability,
with Conservative delivery
Make sure this time you get it right,
Vote for Greg Kniiiiiiight.

This video is not the first time the 68-year-old MP, who has represented East Yorkshire since 2001, has used snappy tunes to get his point across, as the 2010 theme song to his campaign on his website shows.


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