The world is a serious place at the moment, with the global pandemic back on the rise, increased tensions between UK regions, and contentious election being fought in the US. But in its infinite wisdom, the internet has responded, as it always does, with some memes of politics and beyond to keep you entertained.

UK Politics

This month has been all about the coronavirus and the government’s response or lack thereof, with Mayor of Greater Manchester and “King of the North” Andy Burnham taking the fight to Westminster, and the government telling the country to retrain in “cyber”.

It has been a difficult few months for the government. Despite giving away more money than any previous Conservative government, support for Boris Johnson has fallen off a cliff over his handling of the pandemic, with Track and Trace still failing and government plans to “save the arts” nowhere near sufficient. The country is getting increasingly frustrated by the continued failures and it seems the way Downing Street has treated the north in comparison to London may have finally turned the new “blue wall” seats red once again.

US Politics

In the US, this month has seen the news dominated by the pandemic and the upcoming election. President Donald Trump has been at the centre of both stories for months, but after the White House became a super-spreader location with both the President and First Lady infected the story amped up a notch.

Luckily, the President survived his fight with the virus, and so the internet went back to mockery, with a fly turned into the star of the VP debates, and questions being asked about the much vaunted mute button that was barely used in the second and rather more reserved presidential debate between Trump and Joe Biden.


The Great British Bake Off and the The Bachelorette returned to our screens with some timeless memeable moments of expression. Meanwhile, as lockdowns are reimposed across Europe, many of the same memes from March and April are becoming popular again, with the best casino memes highlighting mask-wearing and the likely return long nights in entertained only by online poker and Netflix marathons.


Sport is back on the television, but without crowds at the venue the atmosphere does seem to be lacking at many of the matches. The England vs Wales international was a particular disappointment in terms of energy and excitement, but the game did deliver one of the better “How it started, how it’s going” memes. And in a strange case of reality reflecting fiction, Denver Broncos have been playing their matches in front of an audience of life-size cut-outs of South Park characters, after years of gags on the show.


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