"Cockney" Cash Machine

Photograph via Nick Burcher

The official word from the Olympics may be that they are trying be as “cashless” as possible thanks to VISA’s sponsorship, but that is hardly going to help small local businesses in East London pick up extra trade from the millions of extra footfall. In response, private ATM operator Bank Machine are installing “Cockney” cash machines around the approach to the Olympic Park which will let the public withdraw “sausage and mash” (cash) from their “taxi rank” (bank).

People will be able to read their balance from the “Charlie Sheen” (screen) and will be able to withdraw a “speckled hen” (ten) or “Horn of Plenty” (twenty). They can even change their “Huckleberry Finn” (PIN) or top up their “dog and bone” (phone).

These Cockney cash machines have been around for a few years providing amusement and a fair bit of confusion to tourists, but in this case they may also be doing some good for local “cash-only” businesses.


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