A driving instructor has been convicted of dangerous driving after leading police on a 195km/h (120mph) high speed chase because he was desperate for the toilet.

Andrew Paton, 49, was caught by a police camera doing 138km/h (86mph) on the A90 near Aberdeen, but soon after the police gave pursuit, he sped up to 195km/h along the 6km stretch, dangerously undertaking traffic on the road.

The chase finally came to an end when Paton parked his Audi A4 at the local Peggy Scott’s restaurant in Finavon, with dashcam footage from the police car showing the driver expressing difficulty at leaving his car to the arresting officers according to The Courier.

Paton admitted speeding at 138km/h, but claimed that he sped up to 195km/h not to escape the police in pursuit, but to reach the local restaurant and use their facilities before he soiled himself.

He was found guilty of dangerously driving at excessive speed and banned from driving for two years as well as ordered to pay a £350 fine.



  1. Why don’t we know whether he soiled himself or not? That was the most important part, and they left it out ))))

  2. What? Just grab a newspaper or whatever is handy, get out of the car and get out of sight and do it, if you have to go that badly. Or, perhaps he’s lying.