Andy Serkis shows Theresa May as a terrifying, two-faced Brexit Gollum in new “leaked” video


Andy Serkis may have given his most important performance to date in his Gollum-inspired portrayal of Theresa May.

Serkis has played a variety of headline characters in recent years from King Kong to Caesar in Planet of the Apes, but it was his performance as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings that has informed his depiction of the Prime Minister in a new video sketch entitled ‘LEAKED: Footage From Inside No 10 Downing Street!’.

In the clip, Serkis plays both sides of May’s current position as the driving force behind a miserable Brexit deal that she knows will make Britons poorer and the leader that hopes to find some way through the impossible Brexit quagmire left for her by David Cameron and a corrupt combination of Leave campaigns that lied and overspent their way to victory.

Serkis’ May is as terrifying as it is accurate, and could help persuade some on the fence that the only way to move the UK forward is to put the question of May’s deal vs staying in the EU to the public in a People’s Vote.


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