The NME will print its final issue on Friday, but for those looking for new music the internet already offers a wealth of magazines, blogs, and zines that have replaced it.

After 66 years as one of the UK’s most iconic music publications, Time Inc has announced that NME will become an online-only publication in response to rising production costs and a “tough” advertising market.

NME will be missed by some, but for those that follow new music, NME’s influence has been in terminal decline since the mid 2000s, when digital-first magazines and blogs became the new places to discover new bands and artists before they hit the mainstream.

The music industry in 2018 is very different to that when the NME’s heyday in the 1960s/70s or its revival in the 90s, and the magazine struggled to keep up. When the magazine moved to become an entertainment freesheet and its website pivoted from music to clickbait, the writing was on the wall.

Now the NME has officially closed its doors, where should you look to find your new favourite bands and artists?


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