Twitter feeds can become unwieldy streams of bite-sized information at times, especially if someone on that feed is live-blogging an event or sharing just a bit too much at the moment. To address this, Twitter has been slowly rolling out a “mute” feature, where you can still follow people, but their updates will no longer appear in your Timeline.

Currently, for Twitter users to stop a someone’s tweets appearing in their Timeline, they would need to unfollow them. However, there are occasions, such as when the user is a friend or colleague, that users do not want to be seen to unfollow, so muting gets around this awkward social circumstance.

Some Twitter users have already spotted the new mute button on their iOS and Android apps, but there are no details yet as to whether this will become a feature for everyone, or just a test to see how people react.

Muting is not a new feature for some Twitter users, with TweetBot already offering such a filter, and TweetDeck previously offering it as well, before it was acquired by Twitter in 2011.


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