With a report out that there is an average of 701 apps launched every single day during 2014, it comes as no surprise that the app market is booming at the moment and sure enough, the average amount of apps being created each day just keeps growing and growing. As we move swiftly into May, the people at Mobile Phones Direct give us their top free apps for Android and iPhone this year.


For those that aren’t familiar with the Periscope vs Meerkat war, Periscope is twitter’s very own new live video streaming app. Described by the creators as ‘the closest thing to teleportation’ the concept behind the online app is to allow users to broadcast live video from anywhere  in the world and share it to anyone. Flick from an Oasis gig in Hyde Park to a full moon party on Koh Phangan; the possibilities really are endless. One of the main advantages to periscope over Meerkat is that twitter’s app allows you to watch videos for up to 24 hours after they have been posted whereas Meerkat’s live video’s disappear once you choose to end the broadcast.


Gateguru is a handy little service for the jet-setters and business travellers who spend most of their time flying from country to country. Not only does Gateguru provide you with your own flight tracking information and push notifications about changes to your journey, it has tips and a review section from other customers in the various airport lounges and gates, complete with airport maps to help you find your favourite shop. Collating over 40,000 reviews from users  about different airport services, shops and restaurants, it’s a great app to have to hand if you have a few spare hours waiting around the departure lounge or aren’t familiar with the terminal you’re flying in to. The app even contains tips on the fastest security lanes and the areas with the strongest Wi-Fi.

Mydata Manager

We’ve all been in the situation where halfway through the month your network texts you to inform you that you have already used up all your data and you’re stuck with just calls and SMS texts for a couple of weeks – no WhatsApp, no flicking through Instagram when alone on a train and no way of capturing that Snapchat to show everyone what a great time you’re having  on the dancefloor. Well fear no more; Mydata manager works on both iPhone and Android as an app which essentially allows users to track their mobile data daily. Using an easy to read visual dashboard, the app breaks down and simplifies where you are using your data and ensures you don’t go over your data, consequently saving you money.


As a global leader in restaurant bookings, Opentable solves all of our inner foodie problems by efficiently organising and helping our dining out needs. The app lets you discover new restaurants by location or cuisine, complete with menus and other user’s reviews and photos. What sets Opentable apart from the rest is the new update for iPhone users which allows customers to use Apple Pay; so at the end of your meal if the restaurant is rather crowded and you’re waiting around to ask for the bill, you can complete the process yourself at the touch of a button and get on with your evening, fuss free.


Featured by Apple in Best New Apps, Box is sure to be a winner with any app fanatic. With many cloud storage and file sharing providers out there, Box has managed to filter through a crowded market and establish itself as one of the more prestigious file-syncing services. It provides you with a quick and simple method to store and share big files by accessing them from multiple.  Not only that, but Box has collaborated with other apps to let you e-sign, edit and annotate files. Box is especially popular with businesses because the app allows you to work in real time adding comments and taking notes.


We all know that after a while our phones start to feel not-so brand spanking new; the battery starts to drain quicker, they can get worryingly hot in our hands and annoyingly, apps start to freeze. Cleanmaster helps with all these issues as the world’s most trusted optimizer reportedly helping clean over 400 million phones. In a nutshell; Cleanmaster analyses the behaviour behind apps that creates junk and unnecessary storage and cleans up those residual files. Unfortunately for Apple fans this is only available on Android, so until the masters behind Apple come up with a solution, you may be playing hot potato for a little while longer.

DU Battery Saver

One of the biggest bane’s of all phone users’ lives is, of course, running out of battery.

DU has come up with a brilliant app for Android phones that can save you up to 50% battery life. Not only does it protect your phone against poor charging, it analyses your battery hogging apps and lets you customise the right balance, meaning you will no longer run out of juice at 3pm. As the world’s number one battery saver for Android phones, there really isn’t any excuse not to download this app.

Zyrtec Allergycast

As we move into spring, for many of us, it’s time to start popping those daily hay fever tablets in preparation for summer BBQ’s, camping trips and festival season filled with sneeze causing pollen. Fortunately, the creators of allergy medication Zyrtec have created a handy little app which contains a combined weather forecast and pollen count, meaning you can be prepared each day for a particularly swollen eyes and sniffle filled afternoon. The app also sends push notifications where pollen count is particularly high, giving you a heads up, and there is a section with tips aimed to help you combat your allergies.

Call Recorder

Pretty self-explanatory but the new update on Call Recorder is the best free call recording app on the market. It is one of the simpler and user friendly recording apps that, unlike others, are saved on your phone rather than messing around with pins and receiving recordings via emails.


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