The Spike S-512 supersonic business jet could potentially fly between London and New York in just three hours travelling at Mach 1.6, nearly 2,000 km/h, and removing the windows may help make this a reality.

Windows have long been a major issue for aeroplane designers and engineers as they increase weight and drag, reducing fuel efficiency, and in a blog post, Spike Aerospace announced that they will be replacing them with thin display screens embedded in the walls.

By mounting cameras on the jet’s exterior, these screens can show a panoramic image of the world outside, but can also be used to show a starry sky at night to help people sleep even though it may be daylight outside.

The S-512 supersonic jets are expected to take to the skies in 2018.


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  1. So when is the S-512 scheduled to enter passenger service? I think this Concorde “successor” looks quite impressive, but how about actually making it a commercial reality? How many of them will be made altogether? 38 years ago, wasn’t the Concorde supposed to belong more to the 21st century than the 20th?
    Also, how about designing flying saucers and hexagonal aircraft? I would also like THEM to be used as airliners.
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