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Samsung will reportedly release a smartphone with a “curved” three-sided display wrapping around the front of the phone in 2014.

Samsung has been demonstrating a curved screen prototype for the last 18 months, with the benefit not just the futuristic look of the technology, but also that users can just switch on a small part of the display on the edge to check the time, battery life, or notifications with using the whole 4.5+” display. Curved displays are also claimed to be stronger than conventional flat panels, although few independent tests have yet been performed.

Bloomberg had the scoop on the technology, rumoured to be called “Youm”, reporting that Samsung will be using it for its upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone and Note 4 phablet which they are expected to announce in May and September respectively.

These devices will not be the first from Samsung to use a curved screen, with the Samsung Round offering a 5.7″ horizontally concave curved screen to make the huge device fit more comfortably in your pocket.

Will curved displays be the new smartphone technology of 2014?


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  1. The idea of switchable sections of the screen is intriguing. Anything to extend the horrible battery life of these devices.

  2. I am an iphone user (5s) and have been for a while, however the more i read up on samsung’s s5, the more i am considering switching over, i hope iphone is planning on a game-changing handset too or else its stuff’em!