Jesus was famed for turning water into wine in the Bible, but now a new tabletop gadget claims to be able to do the same.

The device was developed by entrepreneur Phillip Vine along with wine expert Ken Boyer, and manages to make wine from grape concentrate, yeast, flavouring for “barrel age”, and water using an “array of electrical sensors, transducers, heaters and pumps” in just three days.

The “Miracle Machine” is controlled by a mobile app that helps users choose the right wine for their palate and guides users through the fermentation process.

Custom Vine describe the making of the wine as follows:

While a digital refractometer measures the sugar content of the liquid during the fermentation process, a custom-designed ceramic air-diffuser pumps filtered air under a regulated micro-oxygenated environment, aerating the wine and thus softening the tannins. Meanwhile an ultrasonic transducer, positioned directly underneath the chamber, resonates effectively speeding up the flavor development of the wine. Each of these components, and others, are connected to an Arduino microcontroller that ensures the Miracle Machine is doing its job of making a fine wine of your creation in just a matter of days.



  1. just exactly how does a machine that uses “grape concentrate, yeast, flavouring for “barrel age”, – oh – and water – turn water into wine?

  2. Got to agree with Alan F ! However, I have mastered turning ‘ wine into water ‘ after many years of experimentation !

  3. I have a magic machine that can turn water into Lemon Madeira cake! It is caled a Kenwood Chef.

  4. I have a magic machine that can turn water into Lemon Madeira cake! It is called a Kenwood Chef.