After 13 years as one of the world’s most widely used operating systems, Microsoft is finally ending support for Windows XP.

Windows XP still holds around 27% market share according to Netmarketshare, but the operating system is now very old and after pushing back the end support date numerous times, Microsoft is finally telling those still using the software that it is time to move on.

Consumer PCs and laptops have not been sold with Windows XP for many years, but in a business environment XP remains popular as IT departments have had more than a decade to iron out any issues with their internal setup. Moreover, XP was widely used for inbuilt systems in financial and government infrastructure with the ageing OS still powering ATMs and digital timetables and advertising displays around the globe.

Whilst XP will still work today, end of support means that users running the OS are more vulnerable to attacks as Microsoft and Microsoft will not be offering support of any kind. Moreover, Microsoft has said that they will stop producing anti-malware signatures within 18 months, which means that if a new attack vector is discovered then users will be on their own.


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