Google Glass has so far only been available to a very limited number of “beta testers” picked by the search giant, but that is all soon to change with a 24 hour sale next week.

On 15 April, anyone in the US will be able to purchase a pair of the futuristic spectacles for $1500 (£894).

Google Glass was originally a wearable technology concept in 2012, before quickly going into development and offers wearers the ability to pair the glasses with their smartphone and then take photographs, make video calls, and even have their text messages or social media interactions show up on a tiny screen in their peripheral vision.

On their social network Google+, the company said:

We’d planned to post this next week, but it looks like the cat’s out of the bag now.

Potential buyers will need to be a US resident with a US shipping address and over 18 years old.


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