Just under a fortnight ago, Apple opened their pristine, white, virtual, gates and the public were finally able to pre-order their Smart Watch. During the first day you were available to pre-order, the US alone sold 1.2 million. The watch sold out soon after it went on sale at midnight. Apple have confirmed third party apps will be available from day one however many off the apps are still to be announced. With the Apple Watch so close to sitting on our wrists, The Smartphone Company take a look at arguably five of the more bizarre features. Apple have created for their Smart Watch.


Possibly one of the most bizarre and unnecessary features of the new apple watch has to be the heartbeat. Using the optical heart rate monitor, you hold your finger to the watch face whilst it records your heartbeat which you can then send over to a contact. Perhaps sweet, to maybe newer couples in that honeymoon stage who can’t keep their hands off each other, but to most, a laughable novelty that is sure to wear off. But hey, it is there.

Voice Messaging

In a nutshell, we’re going old school and being transported to the 90’s where walkie talkies were all the rage. Yet Apple is calling it voice messaging. How very 2015. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, trying to text someone on such a small screen is imaginably irritating, so sending voice messages back and forth does make sense. Although you may end up looking like James Bond rushing through Oxford Street talking into your watch. Make sense of that image what you will.

Digital Touch

The Watch’s touch screen register all kind of contact from a tap to long press, this enables users to draw pictures and shapes to whoever you are chatting to. Now with the size of the screen in comparison to the size of the average finger its virtually impossible to draw recognisable shapes (I found it hard enough colouring in on snapchat). It’s also worth pointing out that the heartbeat feature, voice messaging and the digital touch is useless unless you are communicating with someone who also has an Apple Watch.


The healthkit is one of the most profound features to be unveiled by Tim Cook reflecting the sense that Apple is morphing their brand into a complete lifestyle device.  We see big plans for the future for the Health Kit;  containing rumours that each user’s health kit has the option to be shared further and will be collaborating with hospitals so doctors can keep track of specialist health problems. One comical feature of the healthkit is the intelligence it uses to monitor your movement and if you haven’t done enough exercise, gently reminds you to go for a walk.


Fitness fanatics who have used their smartphones as a way to keep track of their runs, fitness and workouts may have found some of the analysis inaccurate. Marathon runner and model Christy Turlington Burns has been using the Apple Watch during her marathon training and blogging her experience noting an interesting characteristic of the pedometer and running feature: after a few runs the watch learnt her running technique, understanding more about her personal strides. Again, this reflects the personal and unique feel Apple are striving for with the ground-breaking Smartwatch.



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    “Five unusual features of the Apple Watch”. Apparently a tattoo at the back of the watch sends it wonky.