No matter what you’re listening to while walking the streets, the freebie earphones smartphones makers supply for free don’t tend to offer great sound reproduction, so it is always worth upgrading to make sure you are making the most of your music collection.

Thanks to John Lewis Electricals, we’ve got a pair of Monster DNA on-ear headphones to give away. They offer a noise-isolating, snug fit cushions over the ears to block out that annoying background hum, and when you do need to make a call, ControlTalk on the cable lets you slip between your music and a call with ease.

The headphones are also foldable, so although they may not be as portable as some earphones, then can be packed away with a minimum of fuss.

All you need to do to enter is follow us on Twitter (@thedescrier), like us on Facebook, and make a comment below telling us why you need some new headphones.

UK residents only.

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  1. Paul Bruckshaw on

    The cable on my previous headphones is worn out therefore cutting out on the left can, these would be a great replacement. Thank you :)

  2. These would be great, when I wear mine running I only get every few seconds worth of sound, soooooooooo frustrating!

  3. maxineflossy on

    I’ve just started a new job with a long commute on public transport – I need to be entertained!

  4. Because my current noise cancelling headphones are more like noise enhancing headphones. Would love to try a pair of headphones that actually upholds its ‘noise cancelling’ promise.

  5. I would love some headphones so that I don’t have to listen to Winx on my daughters computer 20 times a day!

  6. I need a new pair because I haven’t a clue where my hubby put mine and he swears he didn’t touch them

  7. createbeauty on

    I need some headphones so I can listen to my music and programs in peace without having to hear my husband’s crappy music on the TV.

  8. I’d like to win these so that I can hear the TV at night!!! My teenage daughter likes to play her music very loudly and as her bedroom is below the lounge, I can sing along it’s that loud!!

  9. I don’t have any decent head phones – just the bud phones I received with my iPod and they hurt my ears and keep falling out!

  10. Judi P Luscombe on

    I would welcome a high quality set of earphones as in our house there is always so much going on, people walking in and out, a tv in every room, Xbox, playstation, need I say more so these would enable me to listen in peace to my music and relax after a hard days work.

  11. funsizescot1975 on

    I am a massive music fan, really its like I’m a music hoarder, so these would be ideal for me

  12. Swimstar2000 on

    To drown out the squabbling of 4 children and drift away to a relaxing place would be amazing

  13. Claire Samuel on

    Because I would give them to my son for when he’s on his PC and that would stop me going mad!

  14. Holly Jay Smith on

    because I have cheap in-ear ones at the moment and would love a good pair that don’t hurt my ears

  15. I should win the headphones as my Missus says I play my music too loud, this would solve the problem and I could play my tunes as loud as I like.

  16. I would give them to my hubby then I don’t have to listen to the horrible music he listens to :)

  17. Rosalind Sargent on

    because Music is my Life I love listening to a wide genre/variety of music but sadly so does every one else in my family as I do not own a decent pair of headphones, it would be brilliant if I could be right within a orchestra, concert. musical, or opera and have the experience of being there in my own little world with these amazing headphones :)

  18. I would like to win this headphone as I am music lover and spend most of the time listening to songs, podcasts whilst I travelling to work and going out for jogging . This well truly provide me the rich experience of music I always wished from my daily used ordinary headphones and would request to give me the opportunity to own this Monster DNA Headphones. Thanks very much for this lovely competition. Cheers.

  19. Rebecca Jane Roberts on

    I massively love music and need some good headphones for when I’m on the bus to work everyday :)

  20. It would be wonderful present for my partner as my little one was playing with his ald one and broked it , replacment would be great a specially like this

  21. I would love to win this headphones, then I can stop putting the others in my ears, as thy tends to dry them up, with eczema this is not good.

  22. I’ve never owned a pair of headphones, and I’m bored of having my earphones tangled all the time!

  23. My current pair, which have been throughly loved, are falling to pieces. They are incredibly fuzy and I’m in desperate need of a new pair. I would be enternally grateful to be able to hear my music on the bus again!

  24. Cecelia Allen on

    I want to listen to my music without being told to turn it down cos He can’t hear the TV. These are fab, they’d be perfect and everyone would be happy.

  25. I’m looking for something special for my Fiancee… it’s been almost two years since we’ve been together, and she’s looking for a pair of headphones at the moment. Something like this would be perfect for her. So it’s not for me, it’s for the woman I love.

  26. herbertappleby on

    My ones have just broken on the right ear so I’m struggling on with mono sound these days.

  27. I would like to win as my previous set of headphones broke and fell appart but they were the included headphone you get with a mobile phone.

  28. Debbie Angel Godbolt on

    hi if i won it would give my family some peace they would love to be able to hear the tv and their ipods

  29. I’d give them to my daughter. She’s not allowed to wear inner-ear ones, and these would be perfect for her.

  30. i would give them to my son so he can listen to his music without us shouting TURN IT DOWN!!!!

  31. i have in ear head phones that keep falling out at the gym so these would be perfect

  32. My daughter keeps pinching mine so i would give these to her, would make me very popular!!!

  33. I would like to win them so I could give them to my grandson as a thank you for all he does for me

  34. Great competition! My Apple headphones are on their last legs so I would some new headphones.

  35. Great headphones are an absolute boon for running plus, lets face it, these look pretty cool!

  36. Tamalyn Roberts on

    to drown out the sound of my 3 teenagers, ones playing fifa and i hate the sound of football, the other is screaming at his friends online on some stupid game aghhhhh

  37. Because I would like to try this style. I usually use the in ear phones. I need some new ones…

  38. hellsbells40 on

    Having a noisy operation on my foot at the end of June involving cutting off some bone. Could do with a decent set of headphones to listen to my music and block out the sound of the saw!! :-)

  39. Richard Hill on

    my wife drives me mad with her music on tablet so need these for her thanks for chance xx

  40. I really like the colour – and I don’t have any decent headphones so would cherish this pair!

  41. Haven’t got any headphones & they would be great to listen to my opera cds whilst doing the ironing.

  42. Kellyjo Walters on

    I use head phones every day in bed as I was tv on my ipad as I have insomnia,the ones I have now, the wire is fraid so I need a new pair ;)

  43. My son has ‘borrowed’ his Dad’s headphones. It is the third time he has lost his headphones to a child, so it would be great if he could finally own a pair of headphones that are just his.

  44. So I can quickly and efficiently switch to take those business calls when I am listening to my music.

  45. My daughter won’t stop screaming, I need music directly in my ears, these should do the job. HELP!!

  46. I like my ears, my ears like me,
    and like my eyes they help me see,
    just how amazing sound can be,
    It’s hidden depths and melody,
    So if I win, you’ll here me say,
    that music’s in my DNA!

  47. 10milewalk on

    I would like to win so I can give them to my daughter, who would love these.

  48. Jodie Harvey on

    i would love these to drown out the kids(i have 5) haha, no really i think these are fab and would love some new headphones as mine are boring cheap earphones and constantly fall out :(

  49. my daughter keeps nicking mine and then she loses them so id like these for myself and id make sure my daughter kept her mitts off this time

  50. Graham Ross on

    My old pair of headphones has just packed up so I’m in need of a new pair

  51. This would be perfect for my dAUGHTER,S HE’S JUST GOT A NEW PHONE FOR HER BIRTHDAY

  52. Allan Wilson on

    I’ve only ever used cheap headphones – would be great to listen to proper sound.

  53. Joanne Ardley on

    Great prize I’d love these to listen to my music on properly instead of pound headphones lol
    Plus they look great !

  54. Because Jesus wants me to have them, risk his divine wrath at your peril……

  55. Because I love listening to my music, and with an 11 year old daughter, she complains that my music is ‘so embarassing’ ….. I can listen to it as loudly as I like if I was lucky enough to win.

    AND they’re my favourite colour :-)

  56. William Gould on

    I should win because I have to hold the wire on mine in a certain position, so they don’t crackle!

  57. 2 reasons my wife will never let me spend large amounts of money on these quality headphones and to prove her wrong I think they could come in use next month when she’s in labour with our first child

  58. Royden Alphonso on

    I have a pair of ATs that give me pure musical interpretation but are just not meant for outdoors – they are HUGE! I would love to win these as they are reviewed to have a wide frequency response and high clarity, and with its monstrously killer looks they are just perfect for me on the move.

  59. I’d like to win the headphones as i’ve just got a cheap pair so the difference in the sound quality would be immense.

  60. Because I have a very inconsiderate neighbour who plays music very loud and if I won these headphones, I would listen to my music and not inflict my musical taste on anybody else

  61. This would be a treat to myself! I’m currently using my sisters old iphone earphones which are terrible quality, would love a good pair :)

  62. This would be great to go with my sons ipad that iv been saving for since January. Your only 16 once!

  63. My son said to me at swimming tonight that he would like a pair of headphones like another lad was wearing. His birthday is coming up soon and I am buying him a tablet so these would be an amazing addition.

  64. James Harland on

    because my fiancee put mine through the wash and only one side works ! :-(

  65. my kids keep pinching my in ear headphones I might be luckier keeping a set of these to myself

  66. I would love to win these cool headphones as I am a teacher and working with classes of young children everyday can be draining, therefore the sound isolation feature would be great to block out the noise and prevent a headache, also they are good as I can fold them away and hide them in my desk. I would also use them at home too to help me unwind and relax ;-)

  67. I have hearing aids in both ears so these “Phones” would make a world of difference to me listening to music etc.

  68. Jennifer Rhymer on

    I should win as I have 4 children constantly arguing & shouting when I have my music on and these would give me peace and then I’d be happy :)

  69. Jessica Newman on

    I would love to win them for my fiance so he can play games on his computer and I dont havw to hear them! he has wanted a pair of funky headphones for ages

  70. starletshimmer on

    so my son will be able to sit with us in the room whilst on you tube with out us shouting at him to TURN IT DOWN!

  71. Would love to win these for my boyfriend as he doesn’t have any and every night he watches tv on his tablet and I struggle to concentrate on my book!

  72. I’d love to win as its my birthday on Monday and I desperatly need some new headphones x

  73. As i have a mad house with 3 crazy children some good soounding headphones could really come in handy when i want to block out all their crazy noise! xx

  74. Kirsty Woods on

    I would give them to my son so he stops driving me crazy with his loud music and he would love them

  75. Sallyann Johnston on

    I would love to win for my son who is doing Audio Engineering at Uni x

  76. I hate flying but love to visit new places and good headphones are the answer as they enable me to block out so much of what is around me and focus on the music/words I’m listening to. My old headphones are falling to bits so these would be a fab replacemen, and help keep me travelling!

  77. Sam Schofield on

    because i could never afford to go out and buy such an amazing pair of headphones ever

  78. Kristy Leanne Brown on

    I need these as I have 2 cantankerous obnoxious teens and need to block out the incessant moaning to save my sanity

  79. Ellen Stafford on

    because they are lush and would love a decent pair of headphones for when I am out walking the dog :-)

  80. Kayti Misspinky Scott on

    some new headphones would be amazing as mine broke last week :(

  81. MammaGoRound on

    I should win these so I can watch my online tutorial videos without disturbing my sleeping family when I am up in the night with the baby.

  82. I’ve no headphones at the moment as gave my last pair to my son as his had broken

  83. LadyChelington on

    I’d love to win as I am using earphones at the moment and would love to try something better

  84. Just what I need for the morning commute, should block out the inane conversations…

  85. dianemjackson5 on

    I’d like some new headphones just for me, because my son is sick of me borrowing his

  86. I want to win these for my Daughter. I am concerned by how loud she has her in ear phones and fear it might be damaging her hearing. These would be perfect for her and would also look cool which is a bonus.

  87. Because then I could listen to my own music and not clash with my lad and his

  88. Simply because I don’t have any headphones andI would love to use them whilst on my laptop and when playing on my 3DS so that I don’t have to have the sound off all the time!

  89. Sorry my laptop is playing up! Because I don’t have any! I was using earphones which I think survived the 1980’s but have now given up the ghost!

  90. I would love to win these headphones please as I currently do not have any headphones :) x

    Natalie Gilllham

  91. I have no headphones and, being unemployed, have no money for such luxuries. I want to be able to listen to music when I go jogging again!

  92. Sarah Louise Gray on

    I would love to win these as I love music and I don’t have any decent headphones. x