As the various app stores and marketplaces have grown over the years, it is becoming more an more difficult to find new and useful apps. We try and feature one new app we find interesting each week, but with so many being released each day, it is only too easy for something great to slip through the net.

On a less widely used platform like Windows Phone, it is even more difficult to find great new apps because there are less technology and gadget blogs highlighting them, but this is where AppDeals comes in. Not only does AppDeals highlight some of the best new and improved apps, but the premium apps they list are either highly reduced or free for a limited period – a perfect time to try something new. We’ve found some great deals on there over recent months, so thought it was about time we shared it with you!

It’s daily deals for Windows Phone apps and they claim to have saved their 130,000 users some $2 million in app purchasers since its launch in January of this year.

Available on: Windows Phone
Cost: FREE
Developer: Ahead Solutions


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