Mine Kafon

Massoud Hassani’s Mine Kafons in action

Many areas across the globe suffer from landmines for decades after a conflict has ended, as the mines are so difficult and expensive to detect, and can kill or maim anyone – man, woman, or child many years into the future.

Afgani product designer Massoud Hassani has managed to scale up the old scrap wind-toys he used to make and play with in the desert as a child into a device called “Mine Kafon” for doing just this job at a cost of only €40. The device is moved by wind power, and each pad has sufficient pressure to set off a mine, but the device can continue to roll and discover other mines after losing a couple of “legs” on its first detonation.

Hassani is in the process of finding collaborative partners – technical companies, funds and governments – to start to produce these live saving deminers.


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