Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has been accused by Labour of lying to MPs about meeting the EU’s mandatory renewable power energy targets.

In a confidential letter leaked to The Ecologist, Rudd warned her cabinet colleagues in October that the UK would miss its clean power targets for 2020 by 25%. However, when asked about the targets in the Commons, she told MPs that the UK was meeting its targets.

Labour have accused Rudd of deliberately misleading MPs about the progress towards the renewable energy targets, and accuse the government of an ideological aversion to wind and solar power.

Lisa Nandy MP, Labour’s Shadow Energy Secretary, said:

“At the very same time the Energy Secretary is telling her colleagues in private we’re not on course to meet our legal target on clean energy, she is cutting wind and solar schemes that could help us to meet it.

“It beggars belief that Ministers are pursuing these regressive steps, and damaging our international reputation on climate change, less than a month before the important Paris Summit.”

The UN’s chief environment scientist has expressed dismay at the UK’s recent change in domestic energy and end of green subsidies, with each of George Osborne’s changes to energy policy since 2010 likely to increase the UK’s CO2 output.


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