Nearly two thirds of the British public have an unfavourable view of Theresa May, a new poll finds.

In the wake of the general election, where the Conservative government expected to win by a landslide and ended up losing their majority, Theresa May’s favourability ratings have been in free-fall.

According to research by YouGov, in April the prime minister had “a healthy net favourability rating of +10”, which fell to -5 after the launch of the controversial Conservative manifesto. Her rating has since plummeted to -34, with 63% of the public viewing her unfavourably compared to 29% viewing her in a positive light.

In contrast, Jeremy Corbyn’s favourability ratings have risen from -42 in April, to -14 on election day, and now site at neutral, with 46% of the public viewing him favourably and the same number unfavourably.

The poll is a sign that the public are dissatisfied by May’s leadership, and do not support her decision to try and form an alliance with the controversial and ultra-conservative DUP party in Northern Ireland to form a minority government.


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