MPs from both sides of the aisle have called on the government to publish its plan for leaving the European Union in a formal White Paper.

A number of Conservative MPs have joined those from Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Greens, and SNP in pushing the government to reveal their Brexit negotiating objectives to allow for Parliamentary scrutiny.

The move comes after the Supreme Court ruled that prime minister Theresa May cannot use royal prerogative to trigger Article 50, and the government must instead put legislation for the act before Parliament.

The Supreme Court justices did not offer guidance on the form the legislation must take, and the government made clear in the wake of the result that they planned to create a simple short bill to trigger Article 50 without providing further details of their plans. This bill could be introduced as soon as Thursday.

The government says that no Brexit White Paper is necessary because Theresa May had explained her broad objectives for leaving the EU in a speech last week. However, MPs from all parties, including at least six rebel Tories, contend that a speech does not provide the certainty of a White Paper, and would not allow them to hold the government to account.

The Liberal Democrats went further and called for a second referendum at the conclusion of the Brexit negotiations so the the british public can decide if they believe the deal to be better than staying in the EU, and have threatened to vote against triggering Article 5 unless these terms are met.

May has said she intends to invoke Article 50 by the end of March.


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