After campaigning to bring back control to Westminster in the Brexit campaign, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has gone on the offensive against the upper house because they did not vote with the government over the controversial EU Withdrawal Bill.

On BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the disgraced former defence secretary accused the House of Lords of trying to “thwart the will of the British people” by voting 335 to 244 to approve an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill, which would give MPs the power to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal or force Theresa May to return to negotiations if she agrees a deal that would be poor for the country.

Labour said the vote marked a “hugely significant moment” in the fight for Parliament’s “proper role” in Brexit negotiations, which the government continues to fight against at every step.

The vote was one of three losses the Lords inflicted on the government on Monday evening.

Leaked government reports show that every possible deal to leave the EU will leave the British people significantly worse off than remaining in the EU, which will have a major impact on frontline services like the NHS, and a number of MPs from across the aisle have called on the government to safeguard these services in negotiations.


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