A Conservative MP has called for a Tory alternative to the Glastonbury festival in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s popular appearance at the festival earlier this year.

In an interview with the Financial Times, George Freeman said the idea of a “Conservative Ideas Festival” struck a chord with his friends, and he had already raised £25,000 for the event to be held in September.

Freeman said he envisioned his festival to be a “cross between Hay-on-Wye and the Latitude festival”, with up to 200 invite-only guests.

“Why is it the left who have all the fun in politics?”, the MP for Norfolk asked, rhetorically.

The idea was raised as a way to try and gain some momentum behind the Tory party, which boasts a membership that has fallen below 150,000, and more than half of that number are over the age of 60. By comparison, the Labour party has more than 450,000 members and a swelling youth vote, while the Liberal Democrats and SNP are quickly catching the Tories in membership size.

Many people took to Twitter to mock the idea of any festival that was invite-only and with few comedians, musicians, or other cultural icons that would play the gig.

The internet responded as you might imagine to the whole idea, with derision and mockery using the hashtag #ToryGlastonbury.


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