Home Secretary Amber Rudd has resigned, Downing Street has confirmed.

Rudd, who was due to make a statement in Parliament on Monday, has faced growing calls for her to quit over the Windrush scandal that has seen a number of British citizens harassed and deported by immigration officers.

She has faced criticism over Home Office removal targets, which she told parliament did not exist, but which leaked memos showed she knew about.

The issue was compounded on Sunday, when the Guardian published a letter sent by Rudd to Theresa May where she set out her “ambitious but deliverable” goal to deport 10% more illegal immigrants over the “next few years”

In the wake of the publication of the letter, Rudd is reported to have telephoned the prime minister on Sunday evening and explained her decision to resign. May accepted her resignation.

Amber Rudd is the fourth cabinet minister to resign in six months following Michael Fallon, Priti Patel and Damian Green, and her decision comes at a difficult time for the prime minister, who is struggling to keep her party unified in the face of a damaging Brexit.


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