As Brexit negotiations continue to fall apart, Brexiteers have begun blaming “Remoaners” for the government’s abundance of failures.

More than 18 months after the Brexit vote, Theresa May remains unable to define the relationship she wants with the EU after the UK’s exit from the union due to cabinet in-fighting and the fact that the Brexiteers cannot fulfil the “have our cake and eat it” promises they made to convince the British public to vote for the unknown.

The question of a hard border in Ireland remains unresolved, car manufacturers have told the government their investment in the UK is under review, trade deals the UK already has with dozens of countries around the world are under threat, and leaks from within the government show that Brexit will be a disaster for the UK economy. Brexit has become a farce.

However, instead of calling on the government to protect British businesses and the economy, former government business adviser Lord Digby Jones continues his descent into Brexit madness with a series of desperate tweets blaming remainers (or “remoaners”) for Brexit’s ongoing record of failure.

Digby Jones said: “Attention all Remoaners! Stop doing Barnier’s work for him! This undermining of our Country’s negotiating with the EU HAS to stop. We’ll end up with a lousy deal & you will be to blame. Will that make you feel better? Surely you agree we should not give in to bullies.

“And you want to stay in an organisation that behaves likes this do you?

“Soubry, Umunna: get real! As far as EU are concerned, the UK has left. Barnier is merely showing us out of the door. What arrogance to believe we could somehow say at the end that we want to stay! And if they said yes, imagine the terms! Attention all Remoaners…..get real…don’t campaign for EU-lite….. surely you don’t want to belong to one Country run by unelected, unaccountable others…the USE? Or should that be the USE-less?”


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