David Davis has attempted to blame Germany and France for the deadlock in the Brexit negotiations, failing to admit his own central role in the failure.

In an interview with the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, the Brexit secretary claimed the UK had offered European leaders a number of “creative compromises” and blamed the EU for the lack of progress in talks.

The EU has maintained its position that negotiations cannot move on to trade until issues surrounding the UK’s “divorce bill”, citizens’ rights and Northern Ireland are resolved. After more than a year of discussions, the UK has offered no official equation for a divorce bill, continues to use the rights of EU citizens in the UK as a negotiating chip, and has offered no real solution to the question of a customs and immigration border in Ireland.

Further, Davis has attempted to divide the EU27 by claiming that it was Germany and France that were causing the problems in negotiations, with other countries such as the Netherlands and Sweden looking to move on.

From the start of talks, each of the 27 countries making up the EU without the UK have maintained a united front in negotiations, believing it is in each of their interest to keep the bloc together both for economic progress and peace.

Throughout the EU referendum campaign, leading Brexiteers such as Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage claimed that the UK would “have its cake and eat it”, but with no progress in talks after more than a year, their comments continue to be proven false.

The British public have lost faith in the UK government’s handling of Brexit, with only 26 percent of the public now believing Theresa May and David Davis will secure a good deal for Britain. As the Leave campaign’s mountain of lies are revealed and Russian interference in the vote is uncovered, a relative majority of the British public now believe voting for Brexit was “wrong” and an increasing number of people regret their vote to leave.


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