The majority of Conservative Party members would prefer for Scotland and Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom and the country to suffer “significant damage to the economy” than to give up on Brexit, according to a new poll.

In a Yougov poll before they choose the UK’s next prime minister, members of the Conservative and Unionist Party are so fixated on Brexit that they would chose it over the unity of the UK, severe economic consequences, and the collapse of their own party. The only idea that would stop Tory members careering towards Brexit would be a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour government.

The survey also found evidence of a realignment in British politics, with Tory members saying they felt they had more in common with Leave supporters in other parties than other Conservative members that supported Remain. A plurality of members (46%) would also be happy if Nigel Farage, currently leader of the competing Brexit Party, became Conservative leader.

In contrast to what the polls would lead many to believe, with the majority of the population now prepared to back Remain in a second referendum, Tory members think delivering Brexit, with or without a deal, will result in Tory governments for years to come.

Turning now to what party members want from leadership candidates, Brexit trumps domestic policy. While the majority (53%) would back someone with a good Brexit plan but a “bad” vision for the country, just 15% would back a good domestic agenda but what they thought was a bad Brexit plan.


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