Theresa May has told the Commons that she plans to postpone the vote on her Brexit deal, which was due to take place on Tuesday.

In a statement to the House, the Prime Minister said she had listened to the “widespread and deep concern” of MPs and she would attempt to bring further British oversight to the Irish backstop before presenting an amended deal to parliament.

May’s decision to pull the vote at the last minute demonstrates the weakness of her leadership and the precarious nature of the confidence and supply deal the Conservatives have with the DUP to find a majority. The overwhelmingly poor reception to her deal from her own backbenchers and from those of all other parties across the aisle shows a prime minister that has lost the confidence of MPs to lead and could lead to a coup within the Tory party.

May has refused to give a specific date on which her ‘amended’ deal would be voted upon, and despite the EU making clear that no further concessions are available still claims a different deal is possible.

In response to May’s decision to pull the vote, SNP MPs have called for a People’s Vote to try and find a way through the Brexit quagmire, and Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has made clear his party would support a vote of no confidence on May’s government if Labour pushed for such an action.

Meanwhile, Speaker of the House John Bercow has told the government that it would be the preferable procedure for the government to give MPs the option to vote on whether to delay vote on her deal, and unilaterally pulling the deal would be ‘impolite’.



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