Some fear that sex education sites will be caught by the censor. Image by Descrier Photos

Husbands who like to watch pornography on the internet will have to confess to their wives and ask for permission, David Cameron said today.

Under Tory “moral guidelines”, people who want to view pornography online will need to actively “opt-in” with their internet service providers making for some awkward conversations up and down the country.

It is not just pornography that the Tory’s are censoring online, but also access to material related to alcohol, drugs, smoking, and politically extremist material – in what many are describing as the Great Firewall of Britain.

As the arbiters of what is moral, politicians and civil servants will decide what is pornography and what is art, with nudity on Page 3 in The Sun apparently “art”, as that will not be censored. Those in Westminster will also be the ones to decide what political views are “extremist”, with views of Tory backbenchers about the “dangers” of homosexuality or abortion perfectly acceptable under the rules.

In order to push forward the plans for internet censorship, Cameron has continually conflated the very real issue of child abuse and child pornography with legal adult material online. What is most depressing about this censorship is that because illegal child abuse images and videos are shared on the “dark web” on websites unknown and therefore not on the blocklists, this erosion of digital freedoms will have no effect on the very problem it is being proposed to solve.

The main four UK ISPs, which are BT, Sky, Talk Talk, and Virgin Media, have already signed up to the censorship, but a number of other smaller firms have seen the danger of such a pathway.



  1. I’m very disappointed with this article. The system Cameron is attempting to put in is dumb enough without what I can only assume are deliberate over-exaggerations and what, without any sources that can be found via google, I can only assume are outright lies. Either provide a source for these claims, or stick to stuff that is actually true.