Nigel Farage has said that there could be unstoppable demand for a second EU referendum if the British electorate votes to remain within the EU on 23 June.

David Cameron has previously called the referendum as “once in a generation, once in a lifetime” decision, but in an interview in the Mirror, Farage complained that the Remain campaign has outspent those campaigning to leave and argued that a close 52-48 result could leave many voters dissatisfied.

He said:

“If we were to lose narrowly, there’d be a large section, particularly in the Conservative Party, who’d feel the prime minister is not playing fair, that the Remain side is using way more money than the Leave side and there would be a resentment that would build up if that was to be the result.”

The Leave campaign have criticised the government for spending £9m on a leaflet campaign to promote EU membership, which it argues is more than the £7m budget each side has been allowed to spend on the entire campaign.

Number 10 responded that Farage’s comments were the result of his lack of confidence in the result, with the leave campaign losing ground in recent months, but Farage maintains that the Leave campaign will win.


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