Boris Johnson has come under fire for taking a private plane to travel from Doncaster to Darlington to save himself an extra 30 minutes on the train.

After failing to turn up to Channel 4’s Climate Debate, where the broadcaster instead replaced his with a melting ice sculpture, the Prime Minister has again demonstrated that he does not take climate change seriously. Instead of taking the train to travel between Doncaster and Darlington, Johnson opted to fly and release tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to save himself just 30 minutes during his final days of campaigning.

Opposition parties have widely condemned Johnson for taking the “unnecessary and environmentally damaging” journey, and environmental groups have called his cations “absurd and unacceptable”, especially when Johnson has made efforts to advertise the Conservatives as a party that “protects the environment” during the election.

The Tory manifesto promises the party will “crack down on the waste and carelessness that destroys our natural environment” and “support clean transport to ensure clean air”. Neither of these promises are being upheld by the Johnson campaign.

Short flights are considered one of the most environmentally damaging forms of transport as they can easily be replaced with public transport. Johnson’s plane, which was operated by Danish charter company Air Alsie, was also only two-thirds full for the trip, making the journey even more wasteful.

Labour’s shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald told The Independent:
“How can Boris Johnson say he is committed to bringing down emissions when he’s prepared to take unnecessary and environmentally damaging flights?

“Boris Johnson is living proof that the majority of flights are taken by the privileged few, while the rest of us pay the price of global heating.”


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