People may be more used to drone footage being depressing and showing the explosions of cars targeted by US military missiles, but the Brazilian air force has managed to capture the moment that football star Neymar scored a “wonder goal” with one of its aerial drones.

The drone was reportedly on a “routine” security operation after monitoring the arrival of both the Brazilian and Mexican teams for the opening match for the opening match of the Confederations Cup, and coincidentally was flying over the Mane Garrincha at the exact moment Neymar was putting the ball in the net.


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  1. João Eduardo Madureira on

    Yes, after all, with which purpose a $25 million drone should be used for?
    Originally, Brazilian government invested $900 million in robots and drones, in order to promote security for the 2014 World Cup. Then the Brazilian police has begun its usual brutality against the populace to prevent them from complain about the costs of the Confederation Cup and 2014 World Cup.
    When Brazil was granted the right to host the World Cup, back in October 2007, the stadiums were to be built with private capital. However, the arenas ended up depending on public funding, costing to the Brazilians taxpayers billions of dollars.
    Apart from that a cost overruns and allegations of corruption in the building, and overhaul of 12 stadiums that will host the global soccer event — there is an investigation in progress by both chambers of Congress.
    The protest started because the spending on the stadiums were made without a process by which the public’s input on matters affecting the Brazilians was sought.
    Therefore, the Brazilian government can not use its drones to show the world the police truculence. Therefore, they used the drones to show Neymar making a goal against Japan, directing the attention away from the audience.