The Croatian World Cup football squad is boycotting the world’s media in protest of nude photographs of members of the team being published around the world.

The players were snapped naked by the swimming pool of their hotel at Praia do Forte by photographers who were reportedly waiting in the bushes.

The photographs, which include pictures of renowned defenders Vedran Corluka and Dejan Lovren, were first published by Croatian online news and gossip websites, but were soon republished around the world.

In response to the player-led boycott, Croatian coach Niko Kovac, said:

“How would you feel if someone took naked pictures of you?”



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  1. Mario Phoenix on

    This reminds me of the movie 300, where one of Xerxes spies/scouts reported back that he had seen vain Spartan soldiers bathing nude and preening themselves on the eve of battle.

    Xerxes laughed at this news, but a Spartan in his service heard it and understood and he explained to Xerxes: The warriors were Spartans, ritualistically preparing to die. “Oh King!” he exclaimed, “Now you will go face to face with the most valiant men that exists.”