Former Chelsea star Arjen Robben set a record for the fastest footballer in the Dutch game against Spain last week.

The Bayern Munich winger set a sprint record during his race against Sergio Ramos for his side’s fifth goal against World Cup holders Spain.

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf claims to have recorded Robben reaching a top sprint speed of 37km/h, which puts him faster than Theo Walcott and Antonio Valencia, who FIFA recorded as reaching 32.7km/h and 35.1km/h respectively.

The impressive speed of the Dutch challenges that of specialised professional athletes, with Usain Bolt reaching 44.72km/h during his world record setting 9.58 second 100m sprint.



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  1. Arthur Sprogget legendry pre-war Barnsley winner used to win race against whippets. He would have left the flying Dutchman for dead!