Descrier (n) One that discovers, observes, proclaims

We created The Descrier as a way to both highlight the gems of the independent blogging world, and as an experiment to develop a new type of newspaper. This is a digital newspaper that embraces those involved in politics, activism, cultural scenes and similar across the globe, and brings their first-hand insight to the fore.

Traditional newspapers and journalism have long decided the lens through which the public learns about news and culture, but with the shift online and as the costs of distribution have fallen we are now in a period when it is possible for the public to find and read first-hand news and commentary unfiltered. The difficulty is no longer finding sources, but determining their veracity, and to understand their bias. Traditional journalists do great work uncovering information and creating concise overviews of complex situations – but if you want more information from those these journalists use as source material – then that is where The Descrier steps in.

For our UK and world news sections we have fixers, activists, diplomats, and local people writing directly from their experiences giving you a personal view of events important to them. Our science section has both active scientists and researchers as well as more general scientific commentators sharing their knowledge and ideas. We have technology coverage from across the globe making sure we are on top of developments that will soon be making their way into devices that change how we work and socialise. And our culture section is filled with music and film industry insiders, bloggers, and artists, bands, and film-makers themselves.

This is a different type of newspaper.



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