US: Two journalists shot dead live on air


Two journalists have been shot dead during a live television report from a shopping centre in the US state of Virginia.

WDBJ TV reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were killed during an on air interview with Vicki Gardner of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce at Bridgewater Plaza in Smith Mountain Lake, Moneta, when a gunman opened fire.

Ward appears to be the first to have been hit with the first shot. As they register what has happened, Parker and Gardner scream and attempt to find cover as seven more shots were fired.

This shooting occurred at around 06:45 local time (13:45 BST).

Police officers from Franklin County and Bedford County are investigating the scene and a manhunt is underway for the suspect.

WDBJ station general manager Jeffrey Marks announced the deaths of his two colleagues on air, saying:

“Alison and Adam died this morning at 06:45 shortly after the shots rang out. We do not know the motive or who the suspect or the killer is.

“I cannot tell you how much they were loved by the WDBJ7 team… our hearts are broken”



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