The vast majority of Americans support the ending of the US economic embargo with Cuba that has lasted over half a century.

An AP-GfK poll found that 60 percent of the US public want to see sanctions lifted, compared to 35 percent that want to see the current embargo to continue.

However, support for the reinstatement of full diplomatic relations is not so clear across the board, with 45 percent of the public in support, 15 percent opposed, and 37 percent taking no view.

The Republican party is the most conflicted on the subject, with 49 percent of self-identified Republicans in favour of lifting the embargo and 50 percent in opposition. In contrast, Democrats are overwhelmingly in favour of both lifting the embargo and restoring diplomatic ties.

The opinion poll follows simultaneous announcements by President Barack Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro in December, which declared a shift in policy between the two countries and an attempt to normalise relations.



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