Donald Trump retweeted a comment calling calling him a fascist, just days after far right domestic terrorism killed a US citizen in Charlottesville, Virginia, causing many to ask whether it was a mistake by the unofficial President of Twitter or an admission of his real beliefs.

The embattled US President has been under fire after it took him two days to condemn an act of far right terrorism in Charlottesville over the weekend, when a domestic terrorist drove his car into peaceful protesters, killing one and injuring more than a dozen.

Many have questioned whether his support for equality and the rule of law after blaming “violence on both sides” rather than directing his anger at the terrorist who killed an American citizen and the other far right extremists who were photographed marching in Charlottesville while carrying Nazi swastika flags and Trump “MAGA” baseball caps.

After two days, Trump finally condemned racism and violence in a press conference, but in under 24 hours he appeared to be trying to compare the domestic terrorism of the far right in Charlottesville with gang crime in Chicago, a problem he has previously blamed on black communities.

The march of around two hundred members of the so-called “alt-right” was met by protesters from across the US, angry at the rise of fascism on the streets of the US, with apparent support from the White House. Current White House strategist Steve Bannon once described his news website Breitbart as “the platform of the alt-right”.


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