Artist's impression of the al-Gharafa stadium, Qatar

Artist’s impression of the al-Gharafa stadium, Qatar

FIFA has not yet made a decision on when in the year the 2022 World Cup will be played in Qatar, but the European nations have agreed that it must be moved from the summer.

FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce revealed that 54 UEFA nations agreed that the dates should be moved to the winter to avoid temperatures which frequently reach 40°C or more at a meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

However, Boyce went on to say that the UEFA nations beieve that

“FIFA should sit down with all the major stakeholders and come up with a solution that would cause the minimum disruption to football.”

It is reported that FIFA’s preference would be to hold the tournament in November or December, but issues remain over clashes with club football games.



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  1. Whether Nov/Dec or Jan/Feb world cup break, A-league will have an negative impact.

    It is true that maybe MacKay is the only A-league player to be in the socceroos now. However, the situation is not know 9 years later. There may be 10 A-league players in the socceroos.

    Secondly, if it is a Jan/Feb break, then maybe the A-league season may need to overlap with the rugby and AFL season.

    Thirdly, the worst is the Nov/Dec break. It is because that, apart from the potential overlapping with the rugby and AFL season, many soccer fans may be attracted to stay home to watch TV broadcasting of the World Cup events or matches instead of going to the stadium. Hence, some financially struggling clubs will be hit hard. Bear in mind that the Christmas and New Year holidays are the time school goers, uni students and their parents go to matches more than any other time in the season.

    All are lies: high tech air-conditioning; artificial clouds; outdoor games can be any time in the year. The Qataris sound like they have or can have the better technology than USA. More importantly is the cheating deal between the UEFA head and the Qatar emirate before the final bidding process.

    Boycott it.