Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered limits on agricultural and food imports from the US and EU countries in retaliation for sanctions they have imposed on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine.

The EU is Russia’s largest trading partner and accounts for around 41% of all Russia’s trade, and the EU’s trade sanctions have started to have a major impact in Moscow.

While the retaliatory sanctions from Russia may impact some farmers, they are largely symbolic as Russia makes up less than 10% of the EU’s trade and so will have little impact on the majority of EU citizens.

Meanwhile, fighting between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russia rebels has forced investigators searching for bodies and examining the wreckage of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 to suspend their operation.

Flight MH17 was brought down in July, killing all 298 people on board, with the EU and US blaming pro-Russia rebels for mistakenly attacking the commercial jet, believing it to be a Ukrainian military plane. The rebels and Russia deny the accusation.


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