A French ship has reported detecting signals believed to be from the black box recorders from the EgyptAir MS804 plane that crashed last month, Egyptian officials say.

The signals were detected from an area of the Mediterranean seabed within the search area predicted by flight crash investigators.

In a statement, the Egyptian Aircraft Investigation Committee said:

“The French vessel ‘Laplace’…has received through its search equipment signals from the seabed of the wreckage search area assumed to be from one of the data recorders.”

Debris from the plane was found floating in the sea two weeks ago near Greece’s Karpathos island, around 290km (180 miles) from Alexandria.

The EgyptAir A320 crashed into the sea en route between Paris and Cairo on 19 May, killing all 66 people on board.

The plane disappeared from radar screens without giving a distress call, with investigators reporting that it lurched spinning one way and then the other before crashing into the sea.

Officials hope that the black box recorders will provide information on why the plane crashed, and whether it was due to technical or pilot error, or the result of terrorism.


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