Israeli police have discovered the body of a kidnapped Palestinian teenager in East Jerusalem.

Mohammed Abu Khdair, 17, was last seen being forced into a white car early in the Arab district of Shufat of East Jerusalem on Wednesday morning as he made his way to morning prayer. Police found his body, partially burned and showing signs of a violent torture, in a forest a few hours later.

The murder comes 24 hours after the bodies of three kidnapped and murdered Israeli teenagers were discovered, and points to a possible revenge attack, but investigations are ongoing and police have not released the names of any suspects.

Palestinians protesting the boy’s murder near his home threw stones and clashed with police, who reportedly responded with tear gas, flash bangs, and rubber bullets.

The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, condemned the “horrible and barbaric act” and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Palestinians have blamed right wing Israeli politicians and extremist groups for whipping up hysteria in the wake of the murder of the three Israeli teenagers for this attack on Mohammed Abu Khdair. Police rescued eight Israeli Arabs from violent mobs looking to exact revenge on Tuesday evening, and arrested 47 people on charges of public disorder, attempted assault of Arab minors, assaulting police officers, and property damage.



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  1. I believe Hamas or other arab terrorists killed their own to inflame the situation by getting people to believe it was Jewish revenge. The act is not congruent with the Israeli character.