US and Arab allies have bombed Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria for a third night, the US Central Command has confirmed.

The US, Saudi Arabia, and UAE used a combination of fighter jets and drones to strike IS locations, including “12 IS-controlled modular oil refineries located in remote areas of eastern Syria in the vicinity of Al Mayadin, Al Hasakah, and Abu Kamal”.

These IS-controlled refineries produced 300-500 barrels of refined oil and earned IS as $2 million (£1.2m) per day. The US says that they are still assessing the outcome of the strikes, but the loss of the refineries will be a major blow to the finances of the jihadi militant group.

US Central Command said in a statement:

“The destruction and degradation of these targets further limits ISIL’s ability to lead, control, project power and conduct operations.”

Meanwhile, in a session chaired by US President Barack Obama, the UN Security Council has adopted a binding resolution compelling states to prevent their nationals joining jihadi militant groups such as IS in Iraq and Syria.

Elsewhere, more than 100 Imams and Islamic scholars from around the world signed an open letter of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, explaining why the brutality of the Islamic State was contrary to Islamic law.



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