Sign reads "Happy they counted my vote". Photograph courtesy of Sokot-E-Sardi1

Sign reads “Happy they counted my vote”. Photograph courtesy of Sokot-E-Sardi1

Iranians on the web and on the streets of Iran (photo above) say [fa]they are happy that this time their votes in the presidential election on Saturday have been counted. After the 2009 presidential election there were widespread accusations of fraud and protests against the regime.

Hassan Rouhani, a 65 year old cleric and former nuclear negotiator won the election on a platform of “hope and prudence”. Rouhani, who was supported by Iranian reformists in the presidential election, faced five conservative rivals. He has represented Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, on Iran’s security council since 1989.

Iranian citizens celebrated Rouhani’s victory in different cities. Some also remembered the citizens who died four years ago, in the mass protest movement that erupted after the controversial election.

Joy in Tehran

Political Prisoners Should Be Released

Nama Jafari has shared a a video where people chant, “In the spring of freedom, Neda’s place is empty” referring to the young woman Neda Agha Sultan who was killed in a protest four years ago.

“Basij Attacked a Young Man”

Another video claims Basij paramilitary forces attacked a young man celebrating Rouhani’s victory in Vanak Sqaure in Tehran.

Dancing in Mashhad

Celebrations rocked several cities beyond Tehran. In the religious city Mashhad, people can be seen dancing to celebrate Rouhani’s victory in this video.


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