Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777

Photograph by Aero Icarus

The Chinese satellite images that some news agencies reported as showing debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 were released by mistake, according to Malaysia’s transport minister.

Authorities appear to be no closer to finding the wreckage of the Boeing 777 which left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing late on Friday with 239 people on board including crew and passengers.

Reports that the Chinese images showed the wreckage were inaccurate, after five ships and three aircraft were sent to investigate the areas shown and found nothing. Malaysian officials have also denied reports from the US that the plane may have flown on for hours after losing radio contact.

There are currently 40 aircraft and 43 ships searching for the wreckage of the plane in the South China Sea and the Strait of Malacca.

The search continues, although few now imagine that any passengers or crew members will be found alive after nearly a week lost at sea.


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