Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven, has called for a snap election next year after a budget brawl.

Löfven, 57, announced his plans after the opposition Sweden Democrats party blocked the passage of his first budget through parliament amid calls for huge cuts to the immigration into the Nordic country. His offer for a broader coalition with the former Alliance government were also rejected.

Löfven blamed the failure of his government on the opposition parties acting “irresponsibly”, but said that in resigning he took final responsibility.

The Social Democrat leader formed a coalition government with the Green Party after September’s elections, ousting Fredrik Reinfeldt’s center-right coalition. This coalition left the balance of power in parliament with the Sweden Democrats, who yesterday said that they would reject all budget proposals that do not include provisions to drastically cut immigration.

Fresh elections have been called for 22 March 2015, which will be the country’s first snap elections since 1958.



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