A television producer says she was groped by a government official at 10 Downing Street during David Cameron’s premiership.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Daisy Goodwin said an unnamed man described her as looking like a “Bond Girl” and put his hand on her breast during a closed-door meeting to discuss a TV proposal.

Recounting the incident, the creator of ITV series Victoria immediately called the man out, saying “are you actually touching my breast?” and the man laughed nervously. Whilst it angered her at the time, Goodwin says she did not report the incident and by the next day it had become an “anecdote”.

In response to the revelations, Downing Street said it takes all allegations seriously and would investigate a formal complaint if one was made.

Goodwin’s allegations are the latest in a series of sexual misconduct claims against MPs and government officials that have been made public in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood.



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