A woman guilty of killing three men and attempting to kill two more in a two-week period in March last year has been given a whole-life sentence, becoming the third woman to face life without parole in the UK.

Dennehy, 31, pleaded guilty to the charges at the Old Bailey, and joins the likes of Myra Hindley and Rosemary West as one of Britain’s most infamous female killers.

Her accomplices, Gary Stretch, Leslie Layton and Robert Moore was also sentenced for their roles in the killing spree.

Dennehy stabbed Lukasz Slaboszewski, 31, to death on 19 March at Rolleston Garth, Peterborough, and disposed of his body in a green wheelie bin dumped at Thorney Dyke with the help of Stretch.

She then stabbed to death John Chapman, 57, on 29 March at Bifield, Peterborough, with Stretch and Layton helping her to remove the body from the house and dump it also at Thorney Dyke.

Kevin Lee, 49, was also killed by Dennehy after he was due to meet her about a letting, with his body the first to be found on 30 March by a dog walker.

Dennehy and Stretch were quickly identified as the main suspects for the murders and went on the run from police, burgling two houses in Herefordshire before driving around the area looking for victims to kill at random.

During this rampage, Dennehy stabbed Robin Bereza, 63, whilst he was out walking his dog, before leaving him for dead to attack John Rogers, 56, who was also out dog walking.

The pair were soon arrested, and the bodies Chapman and Slaboszewski were found the following day, with Bereza and Rogers surviving their injuries.

Speaking after the sentencing, Cambridgeshire Police Detective Chief Inspector Martin Brunning, who led the investigation, said:

“Three men were brutally murdered in Peterborough and two men were stabbed in West Mercia and we are pleased today their killer and her willing accomplices are now behind bars.

Joanne Dennehy is a dangerous individual and will never be released.

She is a sadistic serial killer with a fearsome personality and carried out these brutal attacks of men who posed no threat to her.”


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